Families are the Funnest

This is the product of our family night. My brother suggested we make a mural, so we did, together. We had a good time, got chalky, and ate popsicles. Plus, the neighbors even seemed to like it.

I’ve ¬†been thinking a lot about friendship and family relationships lately. I asked my little sister what she thought about friendship, and she told me that she thinks a good friend will be interested in the things you are interested in. Even if they don’t do those things, they can respect them and why you enjoy them. This summer, I’ve been trying to spend time with the people who understand and respect me and my quirky ideas, but I also hope to be a little more sensitive to the things that other people around me enjoy, like television shows and basketball. Even if they seem incredibly boring to me, I believe that anything worth doing is worth respecting. A book that brought this to life for me was Atlas Shrugged, which is all about big business owners. I’d never considered the pleasure of pouring steel or running a railroad before. But since reading that book, I pass by steaming industrial plants and feel respect rather than disgust.

I hope you and your friends or family go out and do something you love, even if others might call it “nerdy” or “boring,” or be so flabbergasted that they don’t know what to think.

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