Much Moss

My little sister and I both happen to love moss. So, we went on a moss gathering trip up the canyon by our home. We live in a desert, so I was doubtful whether we would find more than a few small clumps. But searching by a mountain stream, we found more than enough to make a small moss terrarium and fairy garden.

The moss is pretty easy to take care of. I just mist it with water twice a day. I use the dechlorinated water that my sister uses for her hermit crabs, just to make sure the moss is happy. It is planted on potting soil, with some rocks in the bottom for draining. The lid is important for keeping the moisture in.

Since then, I’ve been noticing moss everywhere. Peeking out of cracks in fences, crawling up tree trunks, hiding in grass. It’s magical stuff, and those who believe in it, see it.

Try saying this three times fast: Ma’s moss moths must miss mist.

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