The Silks have Arrived

Look at these gorgeous blue aerial silks! Once I learned to climb the rope, I decided it was time to splurge on something new. And this hobby is very new.

Aerial silks are pieces of fabric that are meant for climbing and gymnastic tricks. They’re usually performed in a circus setting. The silks are a lot easier on my hands and feet than the rope. However, it is quite the upper-body workout, and some of the wraps are quite tight. I’ve been working on the tricks demonstrated in this video. I’ve also been oohing and aahing over how easy the experts make it look in videos like this one.

In the photo you can seeĀ a pair of old mattresses below me. They are there for safety. Technically, aerial silks should be learned from a trained instructor, since you could injure yourself badly by falling from the silks or by using incorrect form. I invested in secure rigging, and I never practice without someone else around. And I keep my tricks pretty close to the ground.

There are so many wonderful, unique things to try in this world. Pick something that interests you and try it.

“One without a hobby is missing out a lot.” -Anonymous

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