Still Silking

I hung the silks to their full length for the first time yesterday. It was pretty epic. Now my arms are sore.

How did I get the silks hung in that tall tree? you ask. Well, I didn’t use a ladder. It involved researching some rope techniques for safety.

With a few rope tricks, I tied myself a harness and got my brother to belay me as I climbed the tree.  (Don’t try this at home, kids. DAYOR. [Do at Your Own Risk. I think I’ll just put that at the bottom of every climbing post.])

These are the knots I learned in the process of learning single rope technique (SRT):

  • Alpine Butterfly – good for tying a rope on a limb that can take your body weight and that you can pull down from the ground.
  • Swiss seat – easy rope harness
  • Figure 8 – easy, secure knot that can be tied with an end or with a bight (middle of a rope).
  • Blakes hitch – keeps you from falling, can be scooted up. Not the most secure knot.
  • Weight bag and line – use these to get the rope and other things up into the tree.

It’s pretty fun to just tie a Swiss seat, then hook it to a rope over a limb with a figure 8. You can hold your own weight with the other end of the rope and go swinging.

Did you know people competitively climb trees? Wow, there are more eclectic hobbies than I can keep up with.

Here are a few of the best tutorials:

The instructions on this one were hard to follow because the videos are down, but this is a DIYer after my own heart:

I couldn’t get this one to work with the rope I have, but looks like an efficient way to climb a tree if you only have one rope:


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