My Crepuscular Activity

I have now been using the crepuscular hours for silks practice. I just recently tried my first drop, which was scary and exciting, like jumping off the diving board. A drop is when, after preparing the proper wraps, you let go and the silks catch you. My first was successful, I am happy to report.

By now you are probably wondering what I mean by “crepuscular.” It is my new favorite word. It means “pertaining to twilight.” It’s so hot in the day that practicing outside is rather uncomfortable. Evening is just right. I even saw some crepuscular creatures one night: bats.

My second favorite new word is “virga,” which apparently refers to columns of rain that evaporate before hitting the ground. It is quite a pretty meteorological phenomenon. Also, though Wikipedia says the plural of this definition of “virga” can be either “virga” or “virgas,” the Corpus of Contemporary American Usage (or COCA) and a Google search side with the s-less version. If you like words, check out the COCA. It’s free, and if you decide to sign up with your email it won’t spam you.

By the way, the definition of “corpus” in linguistics is a body or collection of real-world text samples. The COCA has samples from fiction, news, spoken language, and academic writing. It’s search functions make it easy to see how people are using a particular word.

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