DIY Yoga Water Fountain

Have you ever been to a good yoga studio? I’ve been going to a local one that is just excellent. The atmosphere is so soothing and peaceful, with herbal scents and Indian music flowing through the air. One of my favorite aspects of the studio is the fountain on the wall, which adds a calming backdrop of burbling water.

Since I spend much more time doing yoga at home than at the studio, I thought I might as well make my personal yoga area a little more comfortable—by adding a water fountain. I turned to the internet for a price estimate for a small one, and I realized that my budget would not be very happy if I bought one. (As a college student, my budget tends to be happy if luxury items are under $10, preferably under $5.) So, I thought, why not DIY?

I found two attractive garden pots in the garage (one with holes in the bottom, one without) and an empty milk jug that my parents had saved. Saving used containers is a great way to provide yourself with some free craft supplies and ideas. Then I took a tack from my bulletin board and poked a small hole in the bottom of the milk jug. I filled the jug with water, but the drips were too slow, so I poked a few more holes until the drips were a quick pace that wouldn’t drain the jug too quickly.

That’s where my little sister came in. With her help and ideas, my little fountain was not only set up, but the whole desk was transformed into a yoga studio installment. We used my houseplants, glass pebbles, fancy thread, and artificial leaves to achieve a calming, natural effect.

After all our work, my sister and I filled up the fountain and took a chavasana (yoga nap) on the floor, to the sound of gently plip-plopping water.

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