Bow with a Bow

It’s time to take a bow to the great summer of fun I’ve had. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I hope you have enjoyed my discoveries and my journey with me. School starts in just a few days, so I won’t have as much time to do magical summery things. I hope I can keep this summer going by keeping playful and creative here and there, though, and I will keep posting the things that extend my summer through the busyness.

One of my last projects has been making a PVC pipe bow. It is really quite simple and cheap, and it shoots as far as the child’s bow I got at Cabella’s. It’s been fun to shoot at a cardboard box and to see how far the arrows can go.

I also made some arrows to go along with it out of dowels and duct tape.

I used the following tutorial to make it. I found the plexiglass rods at Lowes sold as orange reflective stakes.


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