A Touch of Failure

Of all the fun things I’ve done this summer, some of them have not worked as well as I’d hoped. For instance, I had this really great idea to get more garlic in my diet, since garlic is really good for you. It has all kinds of vitamins and minerals, it repels insects, and it has special benefits to your stomach. (I don’t remember all the details, since my plan to ingest it didn’t work.) I really don’t like the taste of raw garlic, and one bite can leave that flavor in your mouth for hours, even days. So, my plan was to chop up raw garlic, then put it in mini ice cube trays with a little water and freeze my own wholesome garlic pills.

I tried to swallow one with a glass of water, and it was purely disgusting. Imagine a cold clump of garlic breaking apart in your mouth, oozing out flavor as you hurriedly choke down the cold, lumpy bits, and feel the coldness travel all the way to your stomach. It didn’t eliminate garlic breath, either.

Other fails include these:

  • Trying to clean some rusty chains with vinegar. I let them soak for too long, and now they’re rustier than they were before, and my hands got covered with hard-to-remove rust stains.
  • Making a nest material supply for the birds. I thought I did a great job making it, so I guess it wasn’t really a fail. But the birds didn’t use it.
  • The ant farm. Those sneaky ants all escaped after all my hard work. Still lots of fun though, and I apparently extirpated the anthill that my mom has been trying to get out of our garden for years.
  • My poor fairy garden. It dried up and died. But the moss is doing well, and I have more room on my desk without it. I’ll have to try again on that one, though, with some hardier plants.

Failure is a part of success, and where hobbies are concerned, there aren’t any real fails unless you stop having fun. So, even though my garlic pills were a terrible idea, it was actually a lot of fun to see my sister’s reactions to my face as I ate one.

One type of failure is getting rejected. I’ve had a great time watching 100 Days of Rejection, where an entrepreneur decided to conquer his fear of being rejected by intentionally making one crazy request a day. He is a really friendly and polite guy, and a lot of his crazy requests weren’t even rejected! Here is one of my favorite videos:

It’s good to remember that people often really do want to help you. However, I also like that he gets better at being persistent as the 100 days progress. I’ve been motivated to be more persistent and optimistic from watching videos like this one:

So get out there and have some exciting fails!

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